Rammos Hotel Bodrum offers you the comfort of home with its 156 rooms full of innovations. Our hotel, where you will witness the most beautiful sunsets, is located in the Turgutreis region. Our hotel, which has 2 A la Carte restaurants, one for meat and one for fish, makes a difference in its region with its beach & lounge service.

The Perfect Nature of the Aegean

With you in the future

Rammos, which contains all the beauties offered by nature, brings life to the future. respect for the world and energy in all facilities and accommodation areas to protect nature. according to efficiency criteria. VRF heating and cooling in rooms Central hot water supply with Daikin heat pumps, including solar powered by energy systems. Rainwater for irrigation of garden areas Using its warehouse, Rammos is also energy efficient in all indoor and environmental lighting. Prefers LED lighting. Environmentally friendly metal aluminum materials in the design of the doors and windows of the facility combining design and sustainability. Also the balcony with systems that automatically prevent the cooling from running when the doors are left open It also contributes to energy savings.

I'm in Rammos,

I'm in Bodrum,

If you call me, I'm always here.

If you're looking for yourself, I'm there!

Confidence Under All Conditions...

Our facility has been designed with high security measures within the framework of the fire department project. In response to a possible fire disaster; fire escape stairs, fire doors, fire detection system, smoke detectors, fire cabinets in every block, every floor and open areas, 60-ton water tank, fire boosters, fire brigade fire mouth system were installed. In order to ensure the safety of our guests at high standards, non-combustible plaster material is used on the interior walls of our rooms. Doors that are resistant to fire up to 60 minutes are used in the room doors. The electrical cables used throughout the project have been installed as fireproof cables. Non-combustible rock wool material is used as thermal insulation on the exterior of the buildings. There is no in-room kitchen or gas installation that could cause fire in the blocks. Even if all security measures are under strict control, the fire detection and extinguishing system will be active 24/7 with a 630 KW generator.
All our staff will make your holiday with our friendly service understanding. 7/24 with you to make the most of it.
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